Trade Union Bill – DOCAS

Your rights are under threat.

This Government is determined to get the Trade Union Bill through Parliament with as little scrutiny as possible, UNISON are currently campaigning via the House of Lords, to oppose it and make changes before its final reading in Parliament.

One of the parts of the Bill is that the Government is seeking to end the practice of collecting your union subscriptions from your salary ( DOCAS )

As you know deductions at payroll is a common way that employers help their employees manage their money – often childcare, charity donations, travel, bike or computer payments are made this way, and indeed YOUR employer wants to continue with this process.

It’s not clear why union membership fees should be singled out, as this was never part of the Conservative Party Manifesto, but UNISON are campaigning for the withdrawal of this element from the Bill.

GMB and Unite are currently visiting their members now to get them to switch to Direct Debit before the Bill has even been agreed and passed into law.

UNISON would like to re-assure our members that they need do nothing yet whilst campaigning continues to oppose the Bill. UNISON will keep our members updated about any changes, and how best to switch to Direct Debit if this becomes law.

The Trade Union Bill is an attack on the rights of working people and their unions.

It means your union’s ability to represent you is under threat, and a lot of the changes add more red tape for unions, whose time and money would be best spent serving our members.

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Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely
Joyce M Guthrie
Branch Secretary

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