Trade Union Bill

Unison Wins a number of Important Concessions Against the Bill

UNISON campaigned hard against the government’s plans and together with other campaigners, won important concessions. We did this because we believe MPs should be focusing on the real problems our country faces and working with everyone, including trade unions, to solve them, rather than taking away people’s right to be supported at work.

UNISON members have made a huge difference – speaking to employers, councillors, MPs, peers and government ministers to tell their stories, making compelling arguments and keeping up the pressure on the government. Members and branches were also key in getting employers across the country to speak up against the government’s plans.

The Act still presents a fundamental challenge to the work trade union members do, restricting their right to organise, negotiate and campaign effectively in our workplaces. However, UNISON’s campaign has removed elements of the government’s original plans that would have diverted us from our core work of representing members, securing improvements in the workplace and taking effective industrial action

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Ian Storey