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2014/15 Pay Claim: Branch Consultation

The Northumberland County Branch of UNISON has begun consultation with all members on NJC pay rates in regard to the 2014/15 Pay Claim.

You will find the two options as proposed by the UNISON NJC Committee on this website. It also sets out the background analysis.

The Branch have organised a number of workplace visits in order to speak to members about the proposals which you will find listed. We will also be covering other areas throughout the county to drop information off with staff as it is important we consult as widely as possible for next year’s pay claim. If you have a workplace representative within your workplace please do not hesitate in contacting them to discuss.

Please do not hesitate to contact the office on the number above if you require any further information on this issue.

Pay Claim 2013

Unison submitted the following pay claim for 2013 to the Local Government Employers:

A substantial flat rate increase on all scale points as a step towards the longer term objective of restoring pay levels and achieving the living wage as the bottom NJC spinal column point.

The Employers then came back with the offer of one of the following two ′options′.

  1. 1% on all pay points, with changes to terms and conditions.
  2. 1% increase on salary points 4 to 10, and a 0.6% increase above that but with no changes to terms and conditions.

Neither of which meets our claim and so our negotiators recommended Rejection of both options and are currently seeking further negotiation.

For the latest information about the Pay claim please use the following link:


Further pay talks have now been held at the end of March.

Unison made it clear that the two options in the initial offer were completely unacceptable.

We pointed out the fact that our members’ basic earnings have dropped by 16% since 2009.

The Employers responded by stating their disappointment that we were not willing to engage in ‘reform’ of the Green Book but also that they understood UNISON′s view of proposed cuts to car allowances. They said Local government is being squeezed hard and the public sector pay limit is 1%. However, they agreed to give further consideration to our representations and respond to us with a formal offer by the end of April.

There is still an important window of opportunity for members to lobby councillors for an improved offer.

Unison now have an action page for everyone to email their councillors, using a model letter, explaining how pay cuts affect them and the vital service they provide.

Members just need to enter their postcode, click on ‘participate’ and adapt the model letter for their own council.

The link is

Pay Latest

At its meeting on 7 May 2013, the UNISON NJC Committee agreed to hold a formal consultation under the Service Group Pay Consultation Procedures on the Employers′ 2013/14 final NJC pay offer as shown below:

  • 1% on all pay points from 1 April 2013
  • Deletion of scale point 4 (the bottom pay point) from 1 October 2013

The UNISON NJC Committee’s view is that the employers' below-inflation pay offer falls far below the aspirations in our 2013-14 pay claim and what our members deserve. It means a further pay cut for our members after a three-year pay freeze.

However, the Committee also believes that it is the best offer achievable by negotiation and that only sustained, all-out strike action can achieve an improved pay offer.

The results from this consultation within the Northumberland LG Branch are that its members want to reluctantly accept the offer as shown in the figures below:

Accept: 73% | Reject : 27%

The UNISON NJC Committee will consider the outcome of the consultation and decide its course of action based on all the responses from each of the different Branches at its meeting on 13 June 2013.


UNISON Northumberland County Branch will be highlighting the Living Wage Campaign during Living Wage Week, which runs from 3rd-9th November 2012.

Pay claim proposed for 2013/14

The UNISON NJC committee has proposed that the next pay claim should comprise "A substantial flat rate increase on all scale points as a step towards the longer term objective of restoring pay levels and achieving the living wage as the bottom NJC spinal column point."

Members have been asked to endorse that proposal.

Since 2009 the value of your pay has fallen by 13% and while it might be unrealistic to expect to claw back the full 13% in a one year pay deal the proposed pay claim is intended to make a start.


The Living Wage

The living wage is an hourly rate set independently every year. It is calculated according to the cost of living and gives the minimum pay rate required for a worker to provide their family with the essentials of life.

  • In London the 2011/2012 Greater London Authority rate is £8.30 per hour.
  • Outside of London the current rate is £7.20.


The Living Wage website:


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