For all UNISON Members on NJC Pay, Terms & Conditions

2014/15 Pay Claim: Dispute Update

A further 1 day Strike has now been agreed by Unisonís NJC Committee to take place on Tuesday 14th October.

Over the next few weeks and leading up to this, it will be critical to put pressure on councillors and MPís to call on the employers to come back to the negotiating table and talk to us about an improved offer.

As a branch we will be lobbying the Council Leader and Northumberland MPís to support us and we will keep you informed as we progress with this.

2014/15 Pay Claim: Dispute Ongoing

A big thank you to all our members who took part in the Strike on July 10th.

Well done for all your hard work in making July 10 an overwhelming success. The strength of members feeling over falling pay and pensions was very plain to see.

More than 1 million public sector workers attended picket lines and rallies up and down the country- a large proportion were local government and school workers.

A full round up of regional activity is on the Unison Website at

We are now at a critical point in the NJC pay campaign. To get talks reopened the LGA needs a mandate to do so from each of its political groups Ė Labour, Lib Dem, Conservative and Independent. We need members to pile on the pressure to get pay talks reopened by writing to or attending the surgeries of local councillors and MPs.

Elected politicians need to know what the impact of falling pay and pensions has had on ordinary people working in councils and schools.

There is a model letter on the campaign web page that may be of use to do this.

2014/15 Pay Claim: Dispute Declared

The employers offered the following pay deal:

  1. 1% Increase on Pay Pont 11 and above.
  2. Between £580 and £175 on points 5 to 10 on a sliding reducing scale.

Our membership rejected this and were asked if they were prepared to take Strike action to try and achieve a better deal.

Our members voted and returned a YES verdict with the following results:

  • Total number of votes cast in the ballot: 85,020
  • Total number answering "Yes" to the above question: 49,836
  • Total number answering "No" to the above question : 35,062

In percentage terms, members taking part in the ballot voted in favour of strike action by 58.7% to 41.3%.

This meant there was a clear majority for strike action so Unison has authorised a one day strike to go ahead on 10 July.

2014/15 Pay Claim: Branch Consultation

The Northumberland County Branch of UNISON has begun consultation with all members on NJC pay rates in regard to the 2014/15 Pay Claim.

You will find the two options as proposed by the UNISON NJC Committee on this website. It also sets out the background analysis.

The Branch have organised a number of workplace visits in order to speak to members about the proposals which you will find listed. We will also be covering other areas throughout the county to drop information off with staff as it is important we consult as widely as possible for next yearís pay claim. If you have a workplace representative within your workplace please do not hesitate in contacting them to discuss.

Please do not hesitate to contact the office on the number above if you require any further information on this issue.

The Living Wage

The living wage is an hourly rate set independently every year. It is calculated according to the cost of living and gives the minimum pay rate required for a worker to provide their family with the essentials of life.

  • In London the 2011/2012 Greater London Authority rate is £8.30 per hour.
  • Outside of London the current rate is £7.20.


The Living Wage website:


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