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LGA Pay Offer Accepted

The results of the national / branch consultation on the Local Government Association’s pay proposals for 2014-16 were that a decisive majority, 64.35% of the national membership, voted to accept the pay proposals on a 19.77% turnout.

While accepting the offer, Unison have made it clear to the LGA that it falls far below the aspirations in the 2014-15 pay claim and what you - our members - deserve. It is a further pay cut for members providing vital local services, struggling to make ends meet in the face of massive job cuts and attacks to their terms and conditions.

Therefore our campaign for fair and decent pay for every member will continue and the NJC Committee agreed a plan of action which will include:

  • A widespread consultation with members over our key pay campaign targets for the future
  • Developing a plan to strengthen collective bargaining at NJC and branch level through recruitment and organising and work on ways to make the NJC more effective
  • A campaign of political re-engagement over pay issues – from councils and school governors to government Ministers across England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Action to put local government on the public map and show that the work our members do is vital to local communities and society as a whole
  • Ongoing research and a publicity campaign to demonstrate that our members continue to be the ‘poor relations’ of the public sector
  • High profile lobbying around pay leading up to - and beyond – the General Election


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